KUALA LUMPUR – Following their squad of 9 from the previous game, it was clear that the Dragons’ squad were lacking strength without their complete team as they lost the match to Xinjiang Flying Tigers (China Kashgar) by 64 points. Two of their starting players are still recovering from injuries, Loh Shee Fai and Joel Wright.

Although having knee injuries, defensive powerhouse Skylar Spencer insisted to play, despite Coach Thomas’ advice for him to rest.

Captain Ma Chee Kheun, Kuek Tian Yuan and Wong Yi Hou led their team playing almost the entire match to make up for lack of manpower, amassing 42 points altogether.

The Flying Tigers capitalized their two import players Darius Anthony Adams and Andray Blatche from the get go, using their size, strength and experience to overpower the Malaysians scoring 22 out of 39 points in the first quarter, leaving Dragons only 5 points.

Relying on free throws, the Dragons tried closing their 34 point gap in the second quarter but to no avail. The Chinese team kept going at them with full offensive force, ending half-time at 25-62.

Sharp-shooter Wong Yi attempted more shots behind the three-point line to counter the Chinese team’s domination of the paint in the last half. But the Chinese defenses proved too much as the Tigers raised their score to only 1 point away from being triple digits by the end of the third quarter.

Exploiting a full bench, the Tigers substituted their two import players out to allow their local ones to experience gameplay in the final quarter.

Fresh feet players were running as if they were on all fours beside the exhausted Dragons, cutting through their defenses for lay-ups and close range jump-shots.

The Malaysian Dragons remained strong till the final buzzer and retaliated to the extent of their skills and strength.

As their fourth loss in a row, Westports Malaysia Dragons have been eliminated from the quarterfinals and will be returning home to train for their upcoming ASEAN Basketball Leageu (ABL) Season.

“I must commend the spirit of our players as most of them insisted on playing despite recovering from injuries. These young players are examples of good sportsmanship,” said Coach Thomas after the game. “The teams competing for this championship cup are all very skilled and professional, we have a long way to go as a team, however it is great to have them as benchmarks for us. The experience and knowledge that we will gain from this will be invaluable.”

Xinjiang Flying Tigers, or known as China Kashgar in this championship cup would go on to face Al-Rayyan from Qatar in the Quarterfinals.


Game results for Dragons’ (Group B) :

Game 1 (62-106)            : Westports Malaysia Dragons versus Al-Shorta (Iraq)

Game 2 (69-81)              : Westports Malaysia Dragons versus Al-Ahli (United Arab Emirates)

Game 3 (61-94)               : Westports Malaysia Dragons versus Barsy Atyrau (Kazakhstan)

Game 4 (60-124)            : Westports Malaysia Dragons versus Xinjiang Flying Tigers (China)


Westsports Malaysia Dragons Squad for the 2016 FIBA Asia Champions Cup

Jersey No. Family Name Given Name Age Height (cm) Weight (kg) Position
0 Kuek Tian Yuan 25 201 88 Centre
1 Ma Chee Kheun 26 179 69 Guard
6 Spencer Skylar 22 206 107 Centre
8 Choo Wei Hong 24 198 90 Forward
10 Rosli Syahrul Ridzuan 18 184 80 Forward
11 Wong Yi Hou 20 191 90 Forward
20 Loh Shee Fai 27 192 90 Guard
21 Mak Long Seng 22 194 92 Centre
23 Wright Joel Dwayne 26 201 101 Forward
26 Yim Shen Hao 26 185 80 Guard
27 Ting Chun Hong 20 189 85 Forward
77 Ong Wei Yong 23 177 62 Guard


Coach                           – Christopher M. Thomas

Assistant Coach       – Goh Cheng Huat