KUALA LUMPUR – Westports Malaysia Dragons bags their first win in the 2016-2017 Asean Basketball League (ABL) Season. Their match up, Saigon Heat lost by points 7 in the tight match over at their home grounds CIS Arena, Ho Chi Minh City.

The match had a slow start, with both teams sizing each other up during the first quarter. With his long reach and quick thinking, Skylar Spencer manage to attain 10 points with 6 rebounds, pushing his team ahead of their opponents by 2 points, 15-17.

The first half of the game, Dragons dominated the court led by Spencer; scoring 14 points and bringing down 11 rebounds.

They manage to get 14 points off the Heat by turnovers, giving them that exact point advantage by the end of the first half.

Dragons pushed their lead by 18 points, a match high as soon as the 3rd quarter started. Heat narrowed the lead to 10, but the Malaysians quickly turned that around and started shooting balls over them.

From then on, the Dragons kept cool and uphold their lead over the Vietnamese team up to the final buzzer.

As usual, Spencer tops the rebound game with 9 offensive rebounds and 11 defensive ones. At 18 points, Spencer comes second only to Marcus Melvin this game in scores.

During the first two quarters, Melvin maintained his composure, scoring only whenever he sees an opening. As soon as the second half starts, he steps up his game. In total, he led the team in scores with 22 points, with 3 shots beyond the three point line and a 45% shot within the paint.

“It’s great to have our first win of the season, especially on the road,” said Coach Thomas after the game. “Any league you coach in, it’s never easy to win on the road – it’s a great feeling to have.”

Marcus Melvin 22points 18 rebounds
Skylar Spencer 18points 20 rebounds
Freddie Goldstein 10 points 7 rebounds 4 assists 5 steals
Teo Kok Hou 8 points

By Benjamin Lim

Photo credit to Onvisa Thewpaigham – ABL