CYBERJAYA – The Malaysian Dragons fell on defense against balance attacks from the Philippines team, conceded 18 points worth of baskets in the paint. Dragons were more focused on the offense, trying from behind the 3-point line more often than they should.

Although they did score more 3-point baskets than Alab, their shot accuracy were below average, scoring 7 out of a whopping 40 shots, as compared to their opponent’s 26% shot accuracy of 4 out of 15.

It was hard to watch them miss all those shots, however there were more action from the local players this match. Despite James Hughes towering at 6’11” in the paint, Ivan Yeo managed to drive the ball in and score 9 points.

Loh Shee Fai managed crucial 3-pointers even under pressure, with 7 points by full time.

Imports were not at their best, having played 2 full games in 3 days against the league’s bests. With a combined total of 21 points, Marcus Melvin and Freddie Goldstein were not scoring enough.

Freddie having a 14% field goal percentage, missing all his 2 point shots and scoring 2 out of 9 from long. Having 5 defensive rebounds and 2 assist, Goldstein still makes

Melvin was missing threes more than he could scoring only 20% of his 10 shots from 3-point line. Pale in comparison to his game against Lions 2 days before, 62% 3-point shot percentage with 5 out of 8 shots.

With Alab having 2 world imports and 2 heritage players from America, their offensive power were nothing short of impressive. With the experience they have, they handled their game with composure, knowing when to play it slow or fast.

“They’re a very good team, that is about as complete of a five as you can put on the floor,” said Coach Thomas. “Ronald has done an excellent job of putting his guys in good positions to score.”

When talking about the miss shots by his team, he said, “I loved our spacing and our ball movement, and I love that we were getting shots.”

Coach Thomas says they’re heading in the right direction, but they have got to work harder on putting the ball through the hoop.