Game 8 of the Westports Malaysia Dragons will be played this Wednesday in Cyberjaya against Kaohsiung Truth.

Beating Saigon Heat last week and breaking their losing streak at the same time, things are finally looking up for Dragons.

However, their current opponents from Taiwan are not to be looked down upon.

Founded in 2016, this professional basketball team of the Republic of China consist of the top players of the island.

Together with their coach Sabatino Chen who is only 26 years old, the youngest head coach of the league. With his fresh mind, Coach Chen has been praised for changing his strategy on the fly to suit their opponents.

On top of that, they have 4 experienced imports in their line-up, 2 of which are naturalized.

Derek Hall and Cedric Oliver from the States have been proving their worth in Kaohsiung, always achieving double-double when it comes to points and rebounds.

Kaohsiung Truth has massive offensive power with both Hall and Oliver having the height, long arms and experience around the basket.

However they lack in chemistry between the locals and the imports.

Dragons faced this problem earlier on, but it looks like the team have been bonding well, playing the game more as team as they should.

Local players are just now dipping their toes in the deep waters as Ivan Yeo, Teo Kok Hou and Wong Yi Hou were all a single point or two away from double-digit scores in their last game.

“Coach has been grilling us with training to improve our shots and drives,” said Ivan. “And you don’t want to miss a shot in training, it’s worse than losing a game.”

In light of their previous game, the Malaysian boys have been taking more open shots than they did before, instead of looking to pass to the imports first.

This new shade of confidence shown by them have been nothing but promising.

League Standings

Malaysia Dragons are currently in 4th position of the Asean Basketball League (ABL). Having beaten the Heat in game 7 last Friday, they overtook their position, pushing them down to 5th place.

Now at 2 wins 5 losses, Dragons will be facing Kaohsiung Truth who have had a bad rap of 1 win 6 losses.

Despite the tally, the Taiwanese team should not be taken lightly as they have got good players and a new young coach waiting to make his mark.

“It’s a lot of work, and I admire how the other coaches know their players, their moves, their opponents and to change strategy as the game goes,” said the young coach about his new career.