KUALA LUMPUR – Into the new year, defending champions Malaysia Dragons will be debuting their first home game, which is also the first game of the Straits Cup, against the Singapore Slingers this Friday, 6th January.

League Standings

Slingers are currently in prime position with 5 wins and 1 loss, whereas Westports Malaysia Dragons have only played 2 games, 1 win and 1 loss.

In 6 games, the Singaporean team have only lost to the newcomers from Hong Kong but have since sought out their revenge, winning their most recent game against them, 77-71.

Dragons lost their first game to Slingers for the opening game of the 2016-2017 ABL Season on 25th November last year and will definitely be looking to redeem themselves in this upcoming game.

Straits Cup

Last year, Dragons won the first edition of the Straits Cup during the 2015-2016 ABL League.

This special cup is a two team, two games tournament that is participated by neighboring adversaries, Malaysia Dragons and Singapore Slingers. Sponsored by Dragons’ name partner, Westports.

Winner is selected in order of wins, then point difference.

Each team take turns playing at home grounds, in which last year Dragons won the Slingers by a sheer 5 points when they played at home, giving them a 2 point advantage over the Slingers – they lost their first away game by 3.

Tip Off

Tip off time will be 8 PM (GMT+8) at Gem in Mall, Cyberjaya. Watch the action on Livestream on YouTube or stay tuned on Dragons’ Facebook Page to the link.

Written by : Benjamin Lim