TAIWAN – Westports Malaysia Dragons played well in the first half against home team Kaohsiung Truth in Taiwan, scoring 31 points in the first quarter then 20 in the second.

Marcus Melvin and Dragons’ new import Joshua Munzon dropping 6 three-pointers in the first 10 minutes.

Captain Ma Chee Khuen and Teo Kok Hou also contributed 2 three points to end the quarter with a 9 point lead at 22-31.

Up to the 3rd quarter, it was shot after shot from each team. Each with a quick reply through the hoop. The second half of the match started off with Dragons leading by 8 points, 43-51.

Despite the half-time break, their scoring streak did not recover; they only scored 11 points in the 3rd quarter, conceding their lead to Truth by the end of the quarter, 64-62.

Dragons were trying too many shots from behind the three-point line and should have utilised their space to make easier closer shots.

The final quarter started off on almost equal grounds but Hsin-Kai Wang from Truth boosted his team with 2 three-points in reply to Melvin’s lay-up to lead by 6 by the first 3 minutes.

Kaohsiung Truth then maintained their momentum with good offense and turnovers.

Dragons were playing a little better in their last quarter than their previous, scoring 24 points, however giving up 30 points to the home team.

A match debut for rookie and Dragons’ newest teammate Joshua Munzon, the 22-year old scored 27 points with 5 rebounds and 8 assists leading the team with most points.

Marcus Melvin scored 22 points, 9 rebound and 4 assist. Skylar Spencer amazing with his usual double digits 16 rebounds and 12 points. Loh Shee Fai with 10 points and 2 assist.

With this, Dragons have lost game 9 and is now at 2 wins and 7 losses, however there is still time for the team to turn their fate around with 11 more games to go.

Written by: Benjamin Lim