KUALA LUMPUR – In light of his shocking release from the Saigon Heat, the 22-year old Filipino-American will be suiting up to fly to Malaysia to join the Westports Malaysia Dragons.

The decision to take on the 6-foot-4 guard was a no-brainer as the former California State University-Los Angeles star has been averaging at 18.3 points, 2.9 rebounds, 3.1 assists and a league-best 4.1 steals through 7 games with the Heat this season.

Head coach of the Dragons Christopher Thomas says it was a hard decision to make a change mid-season but felt it was the right one collectively to help boost his team with a new energy and enthusiasms heading into the second half of the season.

“The ability to add a player like Josh will further solidify our mission this season. He’s going to make an impact of both sides of the ball and aid in growing our local players as well.”

Joshua Munzon will be taking over Freddie Goldstein’s place as the third import of the team.

Assistant General Manager of Dragons’, Shoghi Gan said that the team needed a change up as they have started off with a bad season. “We had to make a move,” he said.

About the release of their point-guard, Shoghi said, “First and foremost, I want to say that Goldstein was very professional about everything. He understands that this is the nature of the business, and we wish him the best of luck in his future. Pretty sure he will be taking up a new jersey in no time.”

“Bringing in Joshua, whom I think was unfairly dropped as he was one of their most consistent player, having most steals of the league and a great game sense, he will bring a lot of transition points,” Shoghi said when speaking about the new rookie.

“We look forward to having Joshua on our team, and we hope the fans will enjoy a new and fresh look,” he added.

As to why Saigon Heat dropped Munzon, at the time of posting, no reason has yet to be given from the team.

Munzon was admittedly surprised at the Heat’s decision to let him go as well, but the humble rookie have only expressed nothing but gratitude for the chance to play with the Vietnam team.

The rookie’s US-based agent, Jouie Ramos have told Richard Dy from Fox Sports that they were caught off guard as well, with the Heat informing them it was a “basketball decision” that had to be made.

As he told them, “The team decided to go with a bigger framed player compared to Munzon as an (ASEAN) Heritage import after having a rough start of a season.”

Munzon is already in Malaysia breaking ice with his new team and will be training with them once he’s settled down.

He will be playing with the Dragons against Kaohsiung in Taiwan on the 5th of February donning the number 24 jersey.

Written by: Benjamin Lim