Ho Chi Minh City –  Yet another win for the Westports Malaysia Dragons over at CIS Arena against Saigon Heat. Despite having total domination of the first half, they lost their momentum in the third but were able to get back into rhythm in the final quarter.

All eyes were on Wong Yi Hou when he scored two free-throws then slips past defenses for a double-handed dunk when the Heat had pull their lead down to 8 with a minute left in the game.

The Dragons started out with a bang, making a 10 point scoring run right from the start to give them an 8 point lead which they then converted into a 15 point lead to close the first quarter, 31-16.


Game Changer

They kept their momentum until the 3rd quarter when Dragons’ head coach Chris Thomas was sent off the court with two unfairly given technical fouls. “I cannot believe that just happened, I didn’t deserve that,” he said.

“I didn’t say anything disrespectful,” explained the coach. “All I did was ask the official to “come over here please” after they called Sky (Spencer) for a travel and I got T’d (technical foul) up for a second time.”

The Malaysian Dragons went from a 19 point lead to only 7 from half-time to end of third quarter. Clearly showing the lack of morale after their head coach was sent off.

Assistant Coach Goh Cheng Huat took Chris Thomas’ place and manage to control the pace of game and kept their heads cool.

Dragons were running the clock down with their secured lead but Saigon Heat almost turn the tables if not for Yi Hou and Gardner’s combined score of 18 points in the last quarter.


Player Stats

Gardner was Dragons’ top scorer with 25 points, 7 rebounds, 7 assist and 3 steals. Spencer with his usual double-double, 24 points 11 rebounds.

Joshua Munzon who started off this ABL season playing for the Saigon Heat scored 16 points against his former team.

With a slight smirk, he said “This win was very satisfying” Looking around, he continued, “Not only because I’ve played here before, but for our playoff chase. It keeps us alive.

Westports Malaysia Dragons will take on Kaohsiung Truth from Taiwan next, at the House of Champions (Gem-in Mall, Cyberjaya) 18th March.

As of now, The Truth have 4 more games to go, and will be playing the Singapore Slingers tomorrow before they face us next Saturday.

Will we be able continue our winning streak all the way to the playoffs?


Written by: Benjamin Lim