The Westports Malaysia Dragons will be going up against Saigon Heat in Ho Chi Minh City this weekend (March 11) for their final game together in this Asean Basketball League (ABL) Season.

Presently, Dragons have defeated Saigon Heat twice in their 4-match run this season. Their only loss to the Heat was their last match in Cyberjaya, 84-95.

The Heat took Slingers by surprise last Sunday when they stole the win for the first time in Singapore ever, 73-75.

“They (Saigon Heat) have been winning, and by the looks of the game they’ve shown us lately, they’ve improved so much,” said head coach of Dragons, Chris Thomas. “We’ve got to cool our heads in the game and control it.”


League Standings

Every win is crucial now for the participating teams of the ABL, one minor mistake and it could mean the end of their run.

Although the Malaysian Dragons are at the bottom of the league, the team would take even the slimmest chance to enter the playoffs. They cannot afford to lose any matches from here on out.

Game tip-off will be at 5:00PM at the CIS Arena in Ho Chi Minh City. Fans watching from home can tune in to live-stream available on game day.

Written by: Benjamin Lim