KUALA LUMPUR – Our Malaysian female athletes are through to the top with 5 wins and no losses in the 29th SEA Games. They had a blowout game against Myanmar which they came out on top with a massive 92-point lead, 145-53.


By half-time, Malaysia already had a 24-point lead in which they increased it by volleys of treys in the second half.  The girls had a total of 49% shot accuracy this game from beyond the arc where they made 23 successful shots.


Wong Mei Chyn, Ooi Poh Yee, Tai Chia Qian and Ng Shi Yeng who did not play in the girls’ previous match against Philippines were on for most of this game. Each scoring a tremendous amount of their own.


The Malaysian girls had four players who scored over 20 points. Poh Yee with 34 points, Mei Chyn at 23 points, Shi Yeng had 20 points whereas Chia Qian scored 26 points, 6 rebounds 8 assists and 7 steals to make the spotlight.


It was a rotation to keep her strategy and bigger players ready for their final match against Thailand.


“I wanted to make sure all our girls had a chance to play and in-hand produce the best results we could give our country,” said Coach Yoong. “We needed our bigger players to rest up and get ready for our next match (Thailand).”