KUALA LUMPUR – It was full steam ahead for the Malaysian Men’s team in their SEA Games 2017 Basketball match against Myanmar. The team scored 48 points from in the paint and 30 points from the 3-point line along with 17 free throws to give them a 53-point lead, 95-42.


Despite only sizing up their opponents in the first quarter, the Malaysian men managed to create a 13 point lead, 10 of which were converted by turnovers.


They then went on to further strengthen their lead by double of Myanmar’s score, 48-24 in the second quarter.


Myanmar had a small comeback in the 3rd quarter but were stopped in tracks by a series of steals from the Malaysian team, not allowing them to advance while they in turn were popping shots into the basket.


The Malaysian team continued their stint in the 4th quarter capitalizing on Myanmar’s turnovers paired with massive rebounds and steals to win the game at 95-42.


Today was also Lim Perry Lee’s debut as it is his first time representing Malaysia and he did well with a double-double of 12 points and 15 rebounds.


“A double-double? Definitely a great way to start the SEA Games,” said the 19-year old Perry Lee. “We got a little nervous toward the middle but looking at the score 95-42, I think we did good.”


Perry then ended it saying that “The best part of it all were the crowd roars, absolutely loved the energy our supporters were giving, we hope to have more of you guys tomorrow as it’s a very important match.”


Top scorers of the match were Wong Yi Hou and Ting Chun Hong with 21 and 18 points respectively. Both had above 70% shot accuracy.


The Malaysian Men’s team will face Thailand tomorrow at 6PM at MABA Stadium.

Malaysian Men’s Roster

No. Name Place of Birth Age Height (CM) Weight (KG) Position
0 Kuek Tian Yuan Johor 26 200 88 SF/PF
1 Ma Chee Kheun Sarawak 27 179 69 PG/SG
2 Wong Chin Yong Johor 29 196 89 PF/C
4 Soo Eng Heng Kuala Lumpur 33 183 80 PG/SG
6 Chan Kek Thai Kuala Lumpur 33 196 115 C
7 Teo Kok Hou Pahang 23 175 65 PG
11 Wong Yi Hou Kuala Lumpur 20 191 90 SG
20 Loh Shee Fai Kuala Lumpur 28 192 85 SF
27 Ting Chun Hong
  1. Sembilan
20 185 83 SG/SF
34 Chee Li Wei Johor 34 197 90 C
35 Lim Perry Lee USA 19 196 90 PF
41 Ivan Yeo Kelantan 24 195 90 PF