KUALA LUMPUR – A second blowout win for the Malaysia in the same day. Our Malaysian men’s national basketball team defeats Vietnam for the 5th placing in the 2017 SEA Games here in Malaysia, 93-64.


All was well for the home team as Vietnam trailed behind them in points throughout the match. They (Malaysia) even had a 23 points scoring run during the third quarter (65-40).


Some of the Malaysian players, namely Wong Yi Hou and Ivan Yeo were not placed in the game because they were unwell. Some of the national players including those visiting were hospitalized due to food poisoning from the day before.


Despite having two of their first five on the bench, the home team still performed well offensively and defensively.


Lim Perry Lee attained a double-double with 24 points and a huge number of rebounds, 18 – 11 offensive and 7 defensive rebounds.


In the last quarter, Chee Li Wei made a poster styled dunk as the last 2 points for Malaysia (93-58).


WhatsApp Image 2017-08-25 at 5.06.47 PM


“It has been a great run which our boys trained all summer for,” said Coach Goh. “We played to our best against the biggest teams and I’m very proud of them for that.”


“We thank our fans and supporters who have filled the seats at all of our games. Playing for Malaysia only meant so much more with all of them cheering for us.”


Malaysian Men’s Roster

No. Name Place of Birth Age Height (CM) Weight (KG) Position
0 Kuek Tian Yuan Johor 26 200 88 SF/PF
1 Ma Chee Kheun Sarawak 27 179 69 PG/SG
2 Wong Chin Yong Johor 29 196 89 PF/C
4 Soo Eng Heng Kuala Lumpur 33 183 80 PG/SG
6 Chan Kek Thai Kuala Lumpur 33 196 115 C
7 Teo Kok Hou Pahang 23 175 65 PG
11 Wong Yi Hou Kuala Lumpur 20 191 90 SG
20 Loh Shee Fai Kuala Lumpur 28 192 85 SF
27 Ting Chun Hong
  1. Sembilan
20 185 83 SG/SF
34 Chee Li Wei Johor 34 197 90 C
35 Lim Perry Lee USA 19 196 90 PF
41 Ivan Yeo Kelantan 24 195 90 PF


The Women’s team will compete against Thailand on Saturday for the Gold Medal at 6PM.