KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia is one step closer to the gold medal in the SEA Games 2017 basketball event by winning a thrilling game against Philippines despite the Pinoys’ last minute clutch, 60-56.


The home team had dominated the first 30 minutes of the game with great passes and positioning and even having their biggest lead in the 3rd quarter by 16 points.


However, the Philippines team managed to draw the match with under 5 minutes in the last quarter (54-54) but their efforts were in vain as our Malaysian athletes showed prowess in defense.


This was the second time the Philippine team had comeback from a losing game; they had just won a game by comeback against Thailand last night 69-67, but were unable to convert it into a win against our home team.


Chong Yin Yin managed 5 points and 6 rebounds in the last quarter which ultimately led her team to victory. She totaled 12 points and 8 rebounds that game.


As it stands, Malaysia has 4 victories in this round-robin styled basketball event in the SEA Games 2017.




Home   Away Score
Malaysia VS Vietnam 88-54
Singapore VS Malaysia 55-74
Malaysia VS Indonesia 72-57
Malaysia VS Philippines 60-56


Malaysia has two more games to go; against Myanmar (25th August) and Thailand (26th August).