Don’t let his age fool you, he is still as tough as a bull in the court.

After a two-season hiatus from the Dragons, 36-year old John Ng returns to the Dragons’ Den in the upcoming Asean Basketball League.

To him, age is just a number – John’s vast experience throughout his career for the past two decades earned him a respectable journey as part of the national team as well.

John began his basketball journey during his high school at the age of sixteen and making the first step right from his first tournament, he was quickly roped into the national junior team.

Since then, there was no turning back.

Twenty years of his youth life in basketball; now a father of an 18-month baby boy, married happily with his wife since 2014.

John made a surprise return to the basketball scene when he was called back to play for KL Dragons Basketball Academy in the recently concluded Malaysia Pro League last month.

Dragons finished second in the league of six teams, John powered the team in the league averaging 12 points per game and three 3-points per game. Despite playing with players much younger than him, playing in his mid-thirties is no easy feat.

Standing at 6 feet 2″ tall, John’s return to the Dragons and being among the original local players in the 2009 roster, he will shoulder the task as the captain of the team.

Below is the excerpt of the interview with John Ng.

I’M EXCITED! It’s great to be back with the Dragons in a brand new ABL season. New team mates, new coach to learn from. It started with six in 2009, and now we have nine teams this season.

WE ARE READY to face new challenges this season. It won’t be an easy journey and I do hope that everything will go as planned. Hopefully, we can get a win in our first game and that’s our goal!

COACH CHRIS THOMAS CALLED ME UP at the end of the Malaysia Pro League to join the Dragons. I have much respect for Coach Thomas and I think I can learn a lot from him. He is very good with strategies and team play.

AS THE CAPTAIN of the Dragons this season, I hope that we can make this a year for the team. We will try our best to do well this season and won’t let our fans down. To all our fans out there, thank you all for your support and love all these years, the Dragons will soar higher. God Bless!