Welcoming our youngest player this season, Phan Wee Chen who has recently played for the Dragons Academy in the inaugural Malaysia Pro League (MPL).

The 17-year old Half-Filipino was excellent in his role as a point guard for the Dragons in MPL and has impressed Christopher Thomas – head coach for the Dragons.

Coach Chris said, “I can’t wait to train him from ground up.” He then continued, “He’s young and full of potential, I mean, have you seen him dunk?”

That’s right, the 180cm tall Phan Wee Chen can dunk.

“Hard work pays off,” says the baby dragon when asked how he felt the first time he dunked.

Coming all the way from Kota Kinabalu, he was first introduced to the ball life by his brother Wee Liang.

“My love for the game didn’t grow from there, but rather from watching my brother compete. It made me wonder what it felt like being in his shoe,” said Phan.

“Then I too joined the school team and competed, which led me here today.”

Since then, he has competed in the 2016 Under-20 Matrix Cup for Ujana Kingfisher and the 2016 and 2017 Under-17 MABA for Sabah.

Averaging at 17 points for MABA Under-17 and 8 points in the MPL this year, it’s no wonder he’s got eyes on him this season.

Wee Chen expressed how he would not miss this opportunity to learn from, train and play with the seniors of the ASEAN Basketball League.