Teo Kok Hou, a rising name in the basketball realm in Malaysia. Always on the move and looking for an opening, he’s regarded as one of the top playmakers of the country.

Just under six feet at 5’9″, he plays as point guard position for the team. Under Head Coach Chris’ guidance, the 23-year old Malaysian has improved vastly in terms of positioning and play making since the last Asean Basketball League (ABL).

His performance last season wasn’t too shabby, however that could be as he was only given an average of 14 minutes per game then.

Kok Hou received a more prominent role during the 2017 South-East Asian Basketball Association (SEABA) Championship as he led the team as captain.

In the 2017 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, he represented Malaysia as point guard for the national team. He even finished with an average of 4 assists per game.

His playmaking abilities and court awareness are one of the reasons why Coach Chris sees his full potential.

– Kok Hou working his magic last season.

“We started out with bumps, but now he (Kok Hou) is relentless in terms of skill improvement.

“His ball handling, his no-look passes and great defense is exactly what our team needs,” said Chris.

Despite being his second time in the league, Kok Hou still shows signs of nervousness.

“The pressure will be on for us as we’ve got many big new teams, from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan,” he said.

Kok Hou’s training with the Dragons hasn’t been smooth of late as he has been away in Taiwan with Kuek Tian Yuan, Wong Yi Hou, Ivan Yeo and Ting Chun Hong for NS Matrix.

The team will be fully reunited only next week on Monday.

“It isn’t enough time for us to say the least, but we’ve got to work with what we’ve been given with,” said Coach Chris.

“As the last team to start training, we’ve got a lot to catch up with so we’re focusing on shaping the team’s identity first – I don’t want our imports to make up most of the game time.

He continued, “I want every player on my team to play ball every game, if not it will be a hollow victory if we end up as champions.”

Dragons will be play Mono Vampire Basketball Club on the 25th November at Stadium 29, Bangkok at 5PM (local time GMT +8).