Westports Malaysia Dragons and Solomon Jones have reached an agreement regarding the termination of his contract on undisclosed terms following his return to the States.


Dragons’ Assistant General Manager Shoghi Gan said, “We are saddened at the unfortunate news of his grandfather’s passing.”


After a brief pause, he continued, “We understand his situation as he (Solomon) isn’t in the right state of mind to return to play for as at this point of time.”


Shoghi also confirmed that the team’s decision had no bearing on Jones’ pre-season physique, having been training with the team since his arrival.


The Malaysian Dragons are now down by 1 world import and are racing against the clock for a roster submission for this Saturday’s game against Mono Vampire Basketball Club.


“It does put us in a tough position in replacing an import of his caliber.


“But really nothing can compare to the sorrow caused by a passing of a family member. We offer our deepest condolences to Jones and his family,” said Shoghi.


Dragons will be opening this season with an away game against Mono Vampire Basketball Club on the 25th November, followed by a home game on 29th November against Chong Son Kung Fu Basketball Club.