We all wished to see a second winning streak for the Dragons in their first home game at MABA Stadium, the venue where the Malaysia team won their championship title in the previous 2015-2016 season.

That did not happen last Wednesday but the fans were all out in support for Westports Malaysia Dragons in every way possible.

Westports Malaysia Dragons started off with a big bash in Bangkok last week defeating Mono Vampire in a nail-biting match that was forced into the first double overtime game in the preliminary rounds of ABL.


The Dragons bumped off Mono at 112-116.

The first meet against China’s Chong Son Kung Fu Basketball Club two days ago was certainly the ‘real acid test’ for the team.

As the head coach Christopher Thomas said in the post-game interview, the team’s performance was disjointed.

“We had some stretches where we were exactly the team we wanted to be but we kind of lost our minds. Our mental make wasn’t anywhere near as good as the game last weekend (with Mono Vampire),” he added.

Looking ahead, the Dragons did showcase a strong message in the game and aside from the loss, we have seen much greater confidence among the local players like Ivan Yeo and Teo Kok Hou.

This season is the second season for the few young Malaysian players in the franchise, getting exposed to a higher level tournament will certainly develop better grasp, hustling for every win in the season.


A win is a win, a loss is a loss. Looking back at the first match in Bangkok, the Dragons do have the X-factor to perform well in the following 18 matches left in the preliminary round.

“Looking forward to it and it’s a good matchup. They are going to be really hungry and take back what we took from them. I told the guys that we can’t match their energy but exceed their energy on Saturday.

“They are a great team. They have some guys like Reggie and Jason who are dear to a lot of our fans and winning the championship here. Talented and skilled team. We have to bring an extra level tension and urgency to what they’re doing.

“Season isn’t made in two-game stretches and I know our guys will be hungry in this game,” Thomas said.

Westports Malaysia Dragons will meet Mono Vampire on December 2 at 2.30PM MABA Stadium Kuala Lumpur.