Off to their next on the road matches, the Westports Malaysia Dragons will have to weather the storm abroad in their second meet with Chongson Kungfu without their head coach Christopher Thomas.

With or without the head coach, the show must go on and there will be a battle for the Dragons to redeem in order to move the notch up in the league standing.

Christopher Thomas will be missing two games this week, serving his penalty being suspended over the incident last week with Saigon Heat.

Moving ahead to a week with two away games for the Dragons; one in China and the second meet with Singapore Slingers on Sunday, the two travelling matches will be a test for the Malaysian team.

Westports Malaysia Dragons took down Saigon Heat at 91-87 last week and they will be looking to test the team against Chongson. The Dragons fell short to Chongson in November last year when the match was held in Kuala Lumpur, 96-81.

“Next game against Chongson Kungfu is going to be a tough game on the road. It is going to be fun for these guys though.

“We have got a lot of guys of Chinese descent on our team and at any time you got to go to play in front of GM and partners that are so closely attached to a CBA team, you could really make a name for yourself while you’re there,” said Thomas.

The dismal performance in the first meet against the Slingers did not hold Thomas back from reminding the players to be on their toes at all times to make sure that there should not be any error in executing the plan in any matches.

“I have every confidence in the world for my guys and I think it is evident by the way everybody gets minutes, everybody plays, locals and imports are the same for me. But if you don’t bring a level of focus to the table, it doesn’t matter who we put out there and our schemes. It doesn’t matter how great we prepared. All of it goes out the window.

“I told the guys that the margin of error is really small. It is so thin and every team has the talent level that is so tight. We had two instances where guys didn’t know who they were checking in for. So if you don’t the small things on the table, it puts us behind the eight ball. When the margin of error is that slim and thin, you have to give yourself every advantage possible,” he reiterated.

Touching on the upcoming match in Guangdong, Thomas has different plans to tackle Chongson.

“We are probably doing quite a few things different offensively to free Marcus up and hopefully, Kok Hou will be ready. He brings another dimension for us on the floor and adding a ‘third ball’ handler, matching up the size a little bit and they’re not putting up the biggest lineup on the floor.

“We’ve got the ability to utilise some more match up adjustments. He’s hurt and I need him to get healthy. Hopefully, he will be back and if not, we will look for ways to spring guys open.”

Jumpball will begin at 7.30PM (Malaysian time) in a match between Westports Malaysia Dragons and Chongson Kungfu Basketball Club on January 25.