Westports Malaysia Dragons put on an amazing feat from a comeback of 19 points deficit to reclaim the lead in the last quarter over home team Mono Vampire but it was not enough to shut them down as the clock was running out.

Dragons’ Joshua Munzon kept their hopes alive in the last 43 seconds with just two points behind Mono, forcing two turnovers from Jason Brickman. Unfortunately, Munzon was unable to finish his three-pointer attempt and giving two free throws for Brickman to seal the game for Mono, 115-111.

Both teams were out in a high-scoring century match in their fourth meet, putting up an interesting matchup when they were tied three times at the start of the last quarter. Mono proved their prowess to control the game in such a high tensioned game.

Dragons’ Marcus Marshall scored 38 points, 8 assists and 4 steals while Joshua Munzon bagged 32 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists and 4 steals.

AJ West recorded a double-double with 24 points, 12 rebounds and 6 blocks. Ting Chun Hong and Kuek Tian Yuan scored 6 points each in the game.

On the other side, Michael Singletary and Paul Zamar led the team with 27 and 24 points respectively.


The Dragons began with a challenging start from Mono’s three-point barrage, capitalising from their perimeter shots. Mono took 6 out of 7 three-points, mainly from Paul Zamar and Michael Singletary that took a stretch for the Dragons.

AJ and Marcus were able to subdue Mono’s Samuel Deguara in the early part of the quarter but as soon as Deguara subbed out from the court for Apiromvillaichai, the home team went on a full attack mode scoring 10-2 with two successive three-pointers in the towards the last three minutes of the quarter, 24-13.

Mono took advantage of eight second-chance points and ended the first quarter on the high with 11 points advantage over Dragons, 36-25.

The Dragons adjusted well with Mono Vampire in the second quarter as their offense began to slow down to give way for the Malaysian team to shave their double-digit lead.

Mono Vampire moved in quickly in the third quarter and pulled away with 16-6 in the first four minutes, pulling away from the Dragons with 16 points lead, 77-16. Dragons fell flat in the early quarter, unable to keep Mono at the bay as they stretched their lead nearly 20 points, 83-64 in the fifth minute.

Dragons turned their tide against Mono when they recovered back from their deficit with Munzon and Marshall firing off their hot hands to end the third period to just two points behind Mono, 88-86.

In the fourth quarter, Marshall’s first three-pointer finally reclaimed the lead for the Dragons and the game was later tied at 95-95 in the first two minutes after a layup by Apiromvillaichai.


While Dragons erupted and reclaimed the lead, Marshall quickly tied back the game at 98-98 returning fire from Singletary’s three-pointer.

Although Singletary was fouled out at 3.25, Mono was leading at only two points, 105-103. Mono’s Chantachon made crucial baskets together with Brickman that kept Dragons at the courtside, sealing their third consecutive win thus far.

Dragons had a tough time as Mono dominated the paint with 56 points and it was not a luck for the Malaysian team having fared only 19 out of 30 free throws compared to 25 out of 30 by Mono.

The young Dragons team is now down with four straight losses as they head home for another bid to break the streak on Sunday.

Westports Malaysia Dragons will be flying back home in Kuala Lumpur to face Chinese Taipei’s Formosa Dreamers on January 14 (Sunday) at 2.30PM, MABA Stadium.