The rivalry is back again for the second meet this week and Westports Malaysia Dragons are looking forward to snatching the Straits Cup from Singapore Slingers.

Slingers claimed the first victory last Sunday at the first meet in Kuala Lumpur and defeated the Dragons by nine points, 85-94.

Dragons’ head coach Christopher Thomas was furious and did not mince his words after the match about his team’s performance. Frustrated, but Thomas has high hopes for the boys to make it back for the win.

“We made a decision that we put it all on our own shoulders and trusting what worked. Like I said, we will correct this and we will move on.

“I have every confidence in the world for my guys and I think it is evident by the way everybody gets minutes, everybody plays, locals and imports are the same for me,” Thomas said.


Malaysia Dragons are setting out to make a comeback from a loss against Chongson Kung Fu last Thursday, marking their second consecutive slide in the week, 96-79.

It was not all dim for the young Dragons’ team in the pursuit to qualify for the playoffs this season, the final stretch of 11 matches left will be crucial for the team.

Placing seventh in the current league standings, the Malaysian team will have to push their limits and finish the preliminary round of the season at least the fifth position to qualify. The Dragons missed their chance to qualify for the playoffs last season.

Singapore Slingers is currently in the fifth place of the league and eight games remaining before the playoffs.

Will the Dragons bounce back in the second meet to snatch the Straits Cup from the Slingers and make the final dash to the playoffs?

Tip-off will start at 4.00PM on January 28th as Westports Malaysia Dragons meet Singapore Slingers at the OCBC Arena Singapore.