You’ll only need a spark to light the fire.

A spark to inspire the Dragons in the final run of the league.

Although it has been an dismal week for the Westports Malaysia Dragons on a four-game slide, any losing matches felt like a direct blow to the team.

The Dragons recently fell short and did not manage to convert the win against CLS Knights Surabaya last Sunday, marking their eight loss in the league so far. Dragons and Knights are now tied at the seventh position in the league standings with three wins.

In the upcoming match against defending champion Hong Kong Eastern, it will be an uphill task for the Malaysian team. The Hong Kong team are still at the top of the league with nine wins, losing two consecutive matches to Saigon Heat.

“I think tonight’s game is going to be a great test for us. It’s always fun to come into the best team in the league’s home court and compete.

“We have the opportunity to be special tonight and even though we will be without Mei Mei (Ting Chun Hong) and Kok Hou (foot injury), we still believe that we have a great chance to get a win and improve,” Dragons’ head coach Christopher Thomas said.

It is also not impossible for the Dragons to take on the giants like Eastern, not without a team effort when they played against Mono Vampire and Saigon Heat.

Right after the match against the Knights, assistant coach Adrian Wong spoke about the need to reflect their journey upon themselves to move forward in the league.

“We got to look at the mirror whether we want to play or not. Hong Kong is a pretty tough team, they’re very talented. Who knows, like how we play against Saigon Heat and we got a win unexpectedly,” he said.

Dragons’ heritage import Joshua Munzon also shared the same sentiment taking on the next step for the team in the following matches ahead.

Munzon continued to be among the main pillars of the team scoring 29 points, 15 rebounds and 5 assists in the previous match, seen progressing consistently in the Dragons.

“After this game (against CLS Knights), everybody got to look in the mirror. Do they really want to play? We can’t come out like this every game and expect to win. It’s something you got to find inside yourself whether you’re tired of losing and come out here and keep losing. That’s what it is at this moment, it’s a pride thing.

“It’s basketball and everyone got a chance. I think no one has given up and it is a process for all of us. Defense is something we got to look at as a group. We’re giving up too many points, too many easy baskets and they shoot open shots the whole game,” said Munzon.

Dragons’ head coach missed the weekend match against CLS Knights previously due to a game suspension from a heated incident in a game against Saigon Heat. Now back with the team in Hong Kong, hopes are high for the team to claw back in the final race.

“Even with our record the way it is, the fact remains that with nine games left, we still have our destiny in our own hands. Our book on this season has not even been written yet, so tonight is a chance for us to put the first chapter together on what could be a great reclamation story! I love my team’s spirit in practice these past couple days and look forward to embracing the challenge of facing the defending champs on their home court.”

Westports Malaysia Dragons will be playing against Hong Kong Eastern on February 8 at 8PM, Southorn Stadium, Hong Kong.