Westports Malaysia Dragons’ second meet against the Saigon Heat was a disaster for the team as they lost the game by 33 points, 81-114.

Struggling from the get-go, the Malaysians were only able to hold the Heat for the first 5 minutes of the game where they had their biggest lead of 7 at 20-13.

Soon after that, the Heat were able to defuse the situation to finish the quarter with the Akeem Scott and Michael Kurtiz Williams raking up shots, 22-28.

Things only went downhill from there for the Dragonforce despite having recently recovered Marcus Marshall back on the first team. The 25-year old shooting guard was able to perform in the first half before his knee starting giving him problems again.

Scoring only 2 points the whole game, Head Coach Chris decided it best for him to rest despite Marshall being a key attribute in their offense strategy.

“The game was a 6-point game when Marcus left the floor.”

“We just couldn’t find a way to pick up what Marcus gives us, which is loads and loads of scoring,” said Coach Chris.

With Marcus on the bench before the second half, it was only natural for the locals to step up and they did – Kuek (Tian Yuan) contributed 17 points and 9 rebounds while Ting Chun Hong had some major drive-ins for 8 points and 3 rebounds.

This clearly wasn’t enough to stop the Heat in their tracks and they continued to plough through the court with their speed and size, not to mention their well played offense and accuracy to hit the net.

Not pleased with his team line-up due to injuries, Coach Chris said, “Ivan (Yeo) not being on the floor really hurts tonight but he injured his knee in Hong Kong where he truly gave us his all, so I can’t complain.”

The Vietnamese team were able to run with their lead from the first half of 36-64 to winning the third quarter at 56-87 then taking home their win on the road.

Chris then ended the conversation about the game keeping his head up for the upcoming games, crossing his fingers that his team will be in their best condition then.

“Our guys held up the best they could and you just move on from this, move forward and learn to hope something.”

“You’re not out of it yet, you would think that at 3-10 you got to pack your bags and go home but it’s not the case. We’ll still play those guys (Saigon Heat) twice, we were undefeated at their place last year so they’re still very winnable games.”

“Hopefully by then all our guys will be healthy.”

Westports Malaysia Dragons will play Formosa Dreamers of Taiwan on the 25th of February on the road (AWAY).


Westports Malaysia Dragons
AJ West (22 points, 17 rebounds, 3 assists)
Kuek Tian Yuan (17 points 9 rebounds)
Joshua Munzon (17 points, 13 rebounds, 5 assists)
Ting Chun Hong (8 points, 3 rebounds)

Saigon Heat
Moses Morgan (26 points, 3 rebounds)
Maxie Kunle Esho (25 points, 9 rebounds)
Akeem Scott (24 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists)
Michael Kurtiz Williams (21 points, 6 rebounds 6 assists)