Westports Malaysia Dragons will have to make it or break it after a week long break including a major reshuffle for the roster.

The team was saddled with a losing streak of six games thus far, placed seventh ahead of CLS Knights and Formosa Dreamers. Three spots to the playoffs were already sealed by Hong Kong Eastern, San Miguel Alab Pilipinas and most recently Mono Vampires.

With only two spots left, the Dragons will have to pull off a huge effort in the final run of seven games before the playoffs.

It was a setback for the Malaysian team when they lost in the last meet against Saigon Heat who made their revenge felt by bulldozing a 33-point win two weeks ago in Kuala Lumpur. That was the breaking point for the team to reshuffle the team to strike a better chance in the next lap.

The Dragons bid farewell to Marcus Marshall who made his debut game high with 60 points against Mono Vampire as well as AJ West to make way for Bryan Davis, Jawhar Purdy and welcoming back Christopher Eversley to the line up.

The upcoming meet in Taiwan against Formosa Dreamers will be the second game after the Malaysian team defeated the former in Kuala Lumpur at 94-84.

The Dragons will now have Teo Kok Hou back in the team after a month-long rest from his injury to join the battle with fellow team mates.

Due to unforeseen circumstances and injuries, Ivan Yeo, Phan Wee Chen and Ting Chun Hong will be missing the Taiwan leg match.

Both Dreamers and Dragons are set to break the spell, but Aguilar and Forte will be among the hurdle for the Malaysian team to overcome.

The Dragons may have been struggling since the start of the season and sometimes bogged down with inconsistencies, only time will tell to see the effort come into fruition in the final lap.

The tip off game between Westports Malaysia Dragons and Formosa Dreamers will start at 3PM on February 25 (Malaysia time), Changhua Stadium, Taiwan.