It has not been an easy week for the Westports Malaysia Dragons taking a slide after finally breaking the sweat back home for a win.

Saddled with suspensions and fines, these events did not hamper Dragons’ pursuit towards the finishing line before the playoffs.

Placing seventh out of the nine teams in the league, the Malaysian team must work harder to qualify at least at the fifth place with the remaining nine matches. Challenging, but not an impossible task.

The Dragons nearly took home the victory against Singapore Slingers on Sunday, the double overtime match was a testament to what the Dragons are able to pull off anong the local players and imports.

“Kuek played absolutely the best game for the Dragons since I’ve been here. He was excellent on both ends of the floor and played with an unmatched fire and intensity that our team needed. I thought his foul in the first half really hurt our moment and changed the game.

“He also got whistled for a tough call to give him his fifth and final foul in the second OT as we we’re about to take the lead, but he did exactly what he was supposed to do which was be active and aggressive in the paint.

“I’m very proud of Kuek for fighting and staying confident in himself and his abilities,” Dragons’ head coach Christopher Thomas said.

The match showcased a good cooperation between the local national team players with imports, as Kuek Tian Yuan and Joshua Munzon worked hand in hand together in a tough battle.

Despite the loss, it was a great testing ground for them to tap on their own unique potentials in the team.

“Our game against Indonesia to start the second half of our season will be critical. I do know they got a very nice win and that they will be hungry to keep their winning streak going.

“This is a very well coached team that will be ready for us. We need to ride to the challenge and make sure our focus, attention to detail and effort will be at an all-time high. We have to win games together.

“Everyone pulling in the same direction for the entire game. Our guys will be ready for that and we will look forward to embracing the challenge ahead of us!”

Westports Malaysia Dragons will be playing against CLS Knights on February 4 (Sunday) at 2.30PM, MABA Stadium Kuala Lumpur.