Fresh of the grill winning two straight games after the reshuffle, Westports Malaysia Dragons is off to a good start in their pursuit to finish the preliminary season with a bang.

Only a spot left at the ABL playoffs after Singapore Slingers booked the fifth ticket, Malaysia Dragons now will have to face off Saigon Heat for the final ticket.

Both teams are well known for their hot-headedness at the court and the previous first meet was a ‘heated’ match between the two. Saigon eventually took a hard revenge against the Dragons in the second meet. defeating the latter at the home court by 33 points, 81-114.

Dragons won in the first meet by four points, 91-87.

A dismal performance did not stop the Malaysian team to move ahead and kept the fire burning in hopes to the playoffs. Faced with many adversities, as head coach Christopher Thomas puts it, the Dragons’ resilience is the key to unlock the hidden potential in the team.

Ting Chun Hong and Ivan Yeo, the two rising stars of the Dragons will be missing the meet on March 10 against Saigon Heat due to injuries. The Dragons will have to rely on Wong Yi Hou, Kuek Tian Yuan and Teo Kok Hou to power the team through the gritty matches ahead.

“Things don’t go right all the time, on basketball floor or the work place. What do you to get it right? It’s how you respond to that. We’ve lived in this ‘microwave society’ when things don’t go your own way you quit and you move on.

“Resiliency is a quality that is near non-existent. I’m blessed and very lucky to have guys who won’t do that. They won’t back down to pressure or teams making runs on them. They work harder and they embody that resiliency,” said Thomas.

Thomas also said that the Malaysian basketball scene is taking a little step in the development, and credits the improvement that represents that the process is working. Thomas hopes that the Dragons have to keep moving forward with two teams fighting for the final spot.

Westports Malaysia Dragons will face Saigon Heat on March 10 at 5PM, CIS Arena Saigon.