Although Westports Malaysia Dragons will be missing the playoffs this season, the final meet against the rival Saigon Heat tonight is expected to be tensed.

Saigon Heat successfully booked the final berth this week denying Malaysia Dragons to the next round.

The Dragons did not manage to keep their hopes up after falling short to CLS Knights on March 14, 87-64.

The Dragons met Saigon Heat at Ho Chi Minh city last week on March 10, closing the match by 14 points, 102-88.

The last meet with Saigon Heat will not be an easy free-pass for the Dragons, the players will have to work to the limits to keep the opponents at the bay.

How did he Dragons managed to make it happen with a win in their first meet against Heat in January?

In a post game interview with Dragons’ head coach Christopher Thomas previously, the team must put up a strong resilience against a strong team in the midst of an adversity.

The final match for the Dragons tonight will be held at CIS Arena, Ho Chi Minh at 9PM Malaysian time.