His first stint with the team was during the 2016 Merlion Cup in Singapore in September just two months before his first season (7) of the (2016-17) ASEAN Basketball League (ABL).

Having not much time to train with the team, he was put in a tough spot but still manage a good run for the cup.

Two months later, he started his first coaching season in the ABL alongside Malaysia’s national head coach Goh Cheng Huat.

Westports Malaysia Dragons vs Hong Kong Eastern Long Lions

Together they led the youngest team of the league to a 5th spot in the leaderboards, just barely missing the playoffs.

Westports Malaysia Dragons vs Alab Pilipinas

When we first started, I noticed that our team was lacking the fundamental basics of basketball and so our goal for the season was to build our foundations.

In his second season (8) of the ABL (2017-18), Coach Thomas and his assistant Adrian Wong started the season off with a great team, complimenting the skill growth of his team especially the Malaysian talents.

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Adapting the #JustUs mentality to let his team know that season was about playing as a team and nothing else.

However, not expecting the season to turn awry so soon, most of his star players were swapped in and out of the team just weeks into the league due to family matter and injuries.

This caused a lot of tension for the head coach as he had to create new strategize based on new signings and team chemistry.

Disappointed with the unfortunate circumstances, the head coach said, “It’s a huge loss because all of them were key persons in our team and I’ve got nothing else to say but to a speedy recovery for all of them.

When asked about the conditions of Ivan Yeo and Ting Chun Hong mid-season, he said, “I’m really proud of how our boys transformed since the last season and it’s really a shame that they can’t show off their talents.”

Despite having major setbacks, he led the team so some impressive wins like their game where Marcus Marshall scored 60 points for a double overtime victory against Mono Vampire Basketball Club. (116-112)

Then they also had a major win against Saigon Heat which were dubbed one of the league’s giants 91-87.

I know I may seem like I’m way out of there during game day, but it really comes down to that fact that I don’t mind fighting for what’s right for my team if I think they deserve it, and I would take full responsibilities,” said the head coach after chuckling when prompted about his courtside manners.


It’s been a good season and a great run for me with the team but I think it’s about time to head home.”

Coach Thomas said he misses home dearly and has not been back home as much as he has hoped for but for good reason, his responsibilities as Dragons’ head coach.

I’ve only been home for about 2 weeks in the last 4 years.

But only it’s because I love the game, the team, my job and the country,” said the homesick coach.

Chris says he hopes that he would definitely continue his coaching career back home, looking at the NBA for some sparks.

He left the country early Monday morning after the last game against Hong Kong Eastern.

Here are some pictures of Chris in his signature pose:

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