The outcome of the match tonight will determine whether Westports Malaysia Dragons making the final pitch to the playoffs, or risk missing the ticket for the second time.

The Dragons was in a difficult position in the last four matches, losing the previous match against Saigon Heat in Vietnam as they inch closer to the final berth.

Back in MABA Stadium during the first meet against Indonesia’s CLS Knights Surabaya, the Malaysian team fell short and lost in their bid by ten points, 82-92.

The Indonesian Knights had a run on March 11 taking down Singapore Slingers by a razor thin difference, mere a point above the Singaporean team, 64-65.

Knights are set to continue their run for the win and denying the Dragons the spot tonight, but head coach Christopher Thomas believes that the team will make it through tonight.

“We have to work according to our game plan, it is what it is. We have to defend our way and we did an excellent job sticking to the plan.

“Defending in transition is the thing for us, we are not giving the opponents anything,” said Thomas.

Westports Malaysia Dragons will face CLS Knights Surabaya tonight at 8PM.