KUALA LUMPUR – The Dragons have signed on a British semi-professional player, Calvin Tse for their upcoming tournament, the Malaysia Hoops Challenge.

Calvin was born and raised in Oxford, England by his Malaysian mother, making him eligible to participate in our local tournaments as a Malaysian athlete.

He initially started his younger days playing football but as he grew, his interest favored toward basketball. Now he’s on to tackle his dream of becoming a professional basketball athlete, playing internationally for teams around the world.

Standing tall at 185cm (6’1”), the young 21-year old athlete has been playing as a guard position for an Italian team since 2015 — Ascoli Basket, which plays in an Italian basketball league.

Here are some clips of Calvin in action with Ascoli Basket:

Get to know him, watch a short video interview of Calvin Tse by MANDEM:

The Malaysia Hoops Challenge will begin on 12th and ends on the 16th of September which will include local and international teams. As of writing, the teams that are confirmed to participate are – Dragons, NS Matrix, Red Baron, Adroit (Singapore), Perth All-Stars and CLS Knights.