KUALA LUMPUR – As soon as he touched down in KLIA, Calvin’s first agenda was to meet the team at MABA Stadium where they train daily.

We caught him after breaking the ice with the team just to have a little get-to-know for you fans. Here’s what we talked about:

Dragons: First off, we know you’re half Malaysian, but have you been here before?

Calvin: Yeah I have, once every two years just to visit family here.

Oh cool, where are they right now, are they in KL?

I don’t really know anyone in KL but grandma, uncles and aunties are in Ipoh and some more relatives in Johor.

Do they know you’re here right now?

[Laughs] No they don’t, but I’m planning to tell them soon

So what’s it like to be back?

It’s good, it’s not as hot, I’ve never come back in September so the weather feels a little cooler.

How many languages can you speak?

English, Cantonese, a little Mandarin.

You’ve been in Italy for 2 years right, did you manage to pick up the language over there?

Obviously a year has gone past, so I forget some of it but when I was there I could understand them.

This is the second time you’re playing internationally right? What does it feel like to be playing away from home? Do you miss it back there?

No, I kind of like playing away now. I’m kind of used to it, because when I was in Oxford, it’s obviously more of a study environment so I went to London to play for a season so I was always away from home. Then I went to Italy so I’ve always felt away from home. Right now I’m in Malaysia and even though it still is away from home but home as well, it’s a different feeling from the rest of the places.

We get it. So can you recall the first time you played basketball?

I think when I was 14, in the summer.

You mentioned you started out playing football when you were younger, why the switch?

I’ve always felt like I was more involved all the time, once you’re on the court, you gotta always be doing something. In football, if the plays are up front, and you’re the defender you’re not doing much. But in basketball you’re always moving, always have to be on alert.

What’s your motivation, your drive to play ball, especially in your current level of play?

Family, definitely family.

What’s your gameplay style like? Do you prefer being offensive, defensive, going in for the drive or shooting from afar?

It’s a little bit of a mix actually. I feel like the game’s changed a lot since Stephen Curry man.

What’s your daily routine like?

I’m quite chill. Wake up, eat, training, PS4 if I need to, back to training. I try to hit the weight room before I shoot because I feel like in my mind, I’ve got to get my muscles used to the ball, it’s just better for me.

Do you have a pre-game ritual that you do before every game?

I pray.

What’s your first choice of jersey number, and is there a particular significance to that number?

22. It’s my mum’s birthday.

What’s your goal for this season? What do you want to achieve?

I just want to be recognized as a good player, from nobody to someone prominent in the scene.

How excited are you to start meet the team and start training?

Oh I can’t wait, I really can’t wait.

Last question, any advices to young players out there wanting to play ball internationally like yourself?

Just keep training, hustle. Definitely try to get know a lot of people. Everytime you play speak to everyone even the ones you play against, you just never know the opportunity that might pop up.

Alright, that’s it for now, can’t wait to see the team play next week!

For sure man.


Dragons will be playing at the Malaysia Hoops Challenge 2018 on 12th-16th September alongside big teams — Matrix, Red Baron, Australia SBL ALL Star, Singapore Adroit and a familiar faces from Indonesia, the CLS Knights!