KUALA LUMPUR – A test of strength for Dragons’ D-League players as they went up against one of the stronger teams in the country, Malaysia Matrix and suffered a significant 19-point loss.


It was an interesting match-up as Matrix’s roster includes players from our national team. Among them were even veteran Dragonforce Teo Kok Hou, Ting Chun Hong, Wong Yi Hou and Chin Zhi Shin.



Dragons were doing well up to half-time when the game was tied at 39-39 with 3 minutes left but then Jeff Viernes had a scoring spree of impressive shots behind the arc and drive-ins.


In that second quarter itself, Viernes scored 19 points for his team, recovering his team’s first quarter loss of 25-19 and turning it into a 9-point lead by the (half-time) buzzer, 41-50.


This lead went on till the end despite Dragons pushing back hard at attempts to close the gap, but were unable to convert their transition plays into points.


In good light however, Gan Teck Hwa from the D-League team shined with 13 points and 7 rebounds, whereas Eversley as usual takes the high spot with 23 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals.


Dragons will play familiar faces from Indonesia, the CLS Knights tomorrow (Saturday) at 5PM MABA Stadium.