KUALA LUMPUR – Causeway rivals Singapore Adroits and Malaysia Dragons went toe-to-toe this evening (Thursday) at the Malaysia Hoops Challenge where Adroits took the win by a huge margin of 18 points.

The Singapore Adroits took control of the game with Slingers’ Wong Weilong and Leon Kwek Wei Ming in their roster, bolstered by their 2 imports Drelan Tripplett and Joshua White – White was taken out in the 3rd quarter when he suffered a chin injury when he fell.

Dragons made many attempts at comeback but were unable to realize it having only taken the lead at game start by 2 points (1-3).

Chris Eversley even put a long one in with 2.6 seconds left on the clock to close up the gap against the Singaporeans, 35-33 (half-time).

Second Half

With bad passing comes massive turnovers. Amongst many of the mistakes made tonight, Dragons were slipping up the ball to the Adroits for as much as 14 turnovers by the second half, which then increased to 25 by full-time.

Eversley and Michael Karena were the game’s top scorers of the Dragonforce. Eversley had 22 points and 9 rebounds while Michael Karena scored 20 points on top of 10 rebounds. Karena was almost fouled out, having 4 fouls by 3rd quarter.

In total, Dragons drew 19 fouls, most of them were defensive ones whereas Adroits only drew 11. This gave the Singaporean team free point advantages, scoring 11/13 free throws as opposed to Dragons’ 4/6.

Before hitting the locker room, we pulled Eversley to the side to speak to us about the game. Eversley was the coach of most of the players in the roster in the recent Malaysia Pro League (Development League).



“Obviously we wanted to win tonight’s game but the goal is to have these players step up and get exposed to this level of playing field.” 

“We lost a pretty big one last night but to see them still stepping up to the challenge tonight really makes me proud.”

Malaysia Dragons are now 0-2 in the Malaysia Hoops Challenge 2018 and will face Malaysia Matrix tomorrow (Friday) at 9PM.