KUALA LUMPUR – The young Dragons team were unable to best NS Matrix 2 as they did in the qualifiers, losing 30 points to them to achieve the 4th placing in the 60th MABA/Matrix Agong Cup finals (95-65).

They not only had to face one, but two of the tougher teams of the league almost back to back, playing PDRM last night at 8PM.

Nevertheless, the team took on measures to ensure their wellbeing and health knowing that some of their teammates were to play in their upcoming first home game against Saigon Heat in the ASEAN Basketball League.

A rocky start from the Dragons led to a 12 point deficit by mid-game as the Matrix penetrated their defenses in the 2nd quarter with a 16 point scoring run from 30-32 to 46-32 — this was the turning point for the team.

Initially they were looking good on offense and defense, both teams were transitioning, but things were looking down for the team in the second half, starting with that 12-point gap, they were unable to turn the tides on Matrix 2.

NS Matrix 2 were in their top form, paired with their experience of facing our team twice already, took the second half with their impressive accuracy, shooting at 52% from the field goal.

With this loss, Dragons are placed number 4 in the league.

Our games do not end here though, mentioned above, Westports Malaysia Dragons full force will return this 2nd January (Wed 8.30PM) against Saigon Heat in the Season 9 of ASEAN Basketball League!