Zhuhai, China – The Westports Malaysia Dragons takes home our first away win of the season against Zhuhai Wolf Warriors, 73-74.

The tide of the game kept changing and Wolf Warriors were on the winning end in the second half, leading the 3rd quarter with 10 points (48-38) but were unable to stop Dragons’ comeback in the 4th.

Player of the game Chris Eversley tied the score when the team was trailing by 12 points (55-43) with three shots behind the arc, together with Loh Shee Fai’s trey.

I felt like we were getting plenty of open looks during the game but weren’t able to convert those into points,” said Coach Pearlman. “We needed someone to get hot and it was Chris who stepped up.

Final 60 seconds

Eversley’s spree gave the team the boost they needed to win down to a minute left on the clock. Zhuhai then was putting the pressure on with intentional fouls to step up to challenge Dragons at the free throw line.

Zhuhai’s team point guard Eric Tisby made it a challenge with his multiple 3 points and one’s which made the game a whole lot more nervous to watch because it was always a 4-point lead for the Dragons whenever he did.

Tisby’s sneaky play was able to put them at a 1-point trail (72-73) at the end with his drive in lay with a foul shot in. However, our team was able to hold the lead with a quick sub for Egwu in the last 20 seconds.

Nnanna Egwu was missing a whole lot of the game (13 minutes of game time) but stood his ground when we needed him. Coach said, “Nnanna and Kek Thai were both in foul trouble so the team had to play small ball, but the team pulled through defensively and were able to make adjustments take the win.”

Next game

Now at 1 win 1 loss, Dragons will play Saigon Heat tomorrow night (Sun, 9th Dec) at 5PM (local time).

On the next game, Coach Pearlman said, “Every game is a significant test for our team right now. We are focused on playing disciplined team basketball and executing at a high level.

Saigon are a very good team who are dealing with some adversity with the loss of PG Trevon Hughes. They have had recent close losses but adding De ‘Angelo Hamilton adds significant size, scoring and athleticism. We are looking forward to the challenge Saigon sets and the opportunity to continue to grow as a team.”