KUALA LUMPUR – Westports Malaysia Dragons Agong Cup team won over NS Matrix 2 in overtime by sheer 4 points to take bag the Qualifying Round championship, 69-73.

The game was initially in favor of Dragons in the first quarter, however Matrix was able to push back for the first quarter lead when Tan Chi Sheng scored an impressive lay-up to tie the game at 23-23. This then led to Ooi Xian Fu’s foul-on in which he made 1 out of 2 free throws to give Matrix the first quarter lead.

Similarly in the second quarter, Matrix was able to tie the game yet again at the end with Hiew Jia Hao’s jump shot for 2, placed the score at 40-40. However this time, Dragons’ Joshua Gan was able to reply with his own jumper for an and-1. (40-43)

Both teams were trading leads right up until the very end of the fourth quarter where it was down to 65-64 after Tan Chi Sheng put in 2-points under basket. In transition, Joshua Gan was able to take a foul on for 2 free-throw shots that if entered, would have seen the game end much (65-66) earlier than it actually went down.

However, with all eyes on the young Dragonforce, he was able to shoot down 1 of 2 shots to push the game into overtime.


At first, Matrix were looking to win when they scored 4 points by their captain Chin Zhi Shin and Gan Hong Hoong — after Yee Tong made a crucial drive-in for 2. (69-67)

Though less than a minute later, the game was turned when Dragons’ Captain Tan Wei Long stole the ball from the opposition for quick 2-point lay to tie the game at 69-69 with 3 minutes left on the clock.

This was followed by Joshua Gan’s jump shot for 2 which placed Dragons at a 2-point lead over Matrix. Soon after, Joshua was again called to the free-throw line for two shots after he was fouled on, this time though he managed to put in both shots to ensure 4-point lead for the Dragons.

Player of the game

Captain Tan Wei Long of the Dragons was the player of the game with most points and most offensive and defensive rebounds of the game, 16 points, 19 rebounds and 2 steals. Coming in closely was Heng Yee Tong at 16 points, and 5 rebounds.

Not too far behind was Joshua Gan (12 points 2 steals) and Chiang Wei Er (11 points 2 rebounds).

Final Round of MABA/Matrix Agong Cup

With this win, Westports Malaysia Dragons will join Negeri Sembilan, ATM and MABA Selection in Group A of the Final Round, while NS Matrix 2, Perak, PDRM and Pahang will form Group B.

The following games will be held at MABA Stadium KL from 26th – 30th Dec.