KUALA LUMPUR – The Westports Malaysia Dragons took a loss against Mono Vampire Basketball Club after what was an intense game played between two teams that are gunning for a playoff seat.

Winston Shepard of our team nearly made triple-double with 23 points, 15 rebounds and 7 assists while Chris Eversley scored 15 points followed by our star local player, Yek Liang Chuan who scored 13 points and 5 rebounds.

The Malaysian team took the first quarter with ease but dipped in performance in the second quarter, they scored 11 points while letting 29 points go to the Vampires then.

Their 2nd quarter loss haunted the team the entire night as they were always only inches away from topping Mono off but the opposition made good on their transition points.

In the final minutes of the game, Dragons were only 3 points away (73-76) and were in possession of the ball but missed unfortunately missed that opportunity to take the game, letting Mike Singletary in for a 2-point lay which was the dagger that led to his team’s victory.

7 more games to go for the Dragons till the end of ASEAN Basketball League’s (ABL) 2018-19 Regular Season, then we move on to the playoffs.

The ABL Playoffs will be played by 8 teams (out of 10 from the regular season). And now, with this loss, Dragons are 6-13 in 8th place while Mono achieves a win for 6-14 for the 9th place.

Out of the 7 games we have to play, we’ve got two more against the Mono Vampire Basketball Club:
17th March in Kuala Lumpur
20th March in Bangkok

These are crucial times for our team and we need all our fan support to walk with us to the Season 9 of ABL Playoffs.

Next game is this Sunday (3rd March) against CLS Knights Indonesia, 7PM in Surabaya.