KUALA LUMPUR – All was well for the Westports Malaysia Dragons at their home court, MABA Stadium as they went up against the CLS Knights from Indonesia, until the second half where the team’s fatigue started to show.

Leading the first quarter (23-21) then down by 7 by half-time (33-40), the Dragons lost out to the Knights’ transition scores as the clock ran down.

By 3rd quarter, the travelling team had increased their lead to 17 with a 3-pointer by Wong Wei Long, Knights current team captain who scored 20 points that game.

The Dragons were down by a huge margin but clearly they weren’t ready to give up – cutting the point gap down by half (59-67) in the last quarter that was highlighted by Shepard’s lay-in that was quickly replied by Herring for 2.

Winston Shepard was doing very well that game but was ejected from the game due to two accounts of technical fouls, one very early on in the first quarter and the second in the fourth with 5 minutes of game time left.

Maxie Esho grabbed the crowd’s attention with a slam to increase their lead which proved to be the dagger for our home team.

Head Coach Jamie Pearlman: “It’s been a really long January, we’ve had a lot of games, a lot of back-to-back road games, so we’re looking forward to this (Chinese New Year) mini break to really recoup and come back stronger for our next game.”

The Malaysian team has played 11 games in total for the month of January with some games allowing them only a day’s rest and travel to the next game destination.

We play Macau Black Bears after our Chinese New Year break that the team so dearly deserves at MABA Stadium, 10th February at 2:30PM.