SINGAPORE – Game 2 of the two-game-series of the 4th annual Straits Cup in the ASEAN Basketball League ended with Singapore Slingers as the victors this season. Winston Shepard finished with a double-double, 25 points 11 rebounds and 4 assists but it wasn’t enough for a win.

Our Malaysian team gave it their all in the game, shooting for more shots (80 compared to Singapore’s 69 attempts) in the entire game than our causeway rivals but were unable to sink them as much,

By half-time, Dragons were down by 13-points and were desperate to recover from the loss but the Slingers were snagging points left and right, leaving no mercy for our team and taking away with their advantage until the final buzzer gave way.

Singapore are one of the top teams in the league currently sitting 3rd on the ladder. I thought we played a good game against them on Friday night pressuring them the entire game,” explained head coach Jamie Pearlman of Dragons.

The return game on Sunday was our 4th (game) in 11 days and Singapore were coming off a 12 day break before the Straits Cup. Unfortunately fatigue played a factor along with our poor shooting performance.

The Dragons currently sit 8th on the ABL ladder with 6-11 record while Slingers are at 3rd with 11-7.

We play Mono Vampire Basketball Club this coming Wednesday (27th FEB) at 8:30PM at MABA Stadium, Kuala Lumpur. The vamps have altered their roster since our last meet.

Coach Pearlman added, “Our next game will be another quick turnaround against Mono on Wednesday night, since our last game, they have traded Jason Brickman for Romeo Travis, brought in Tyler Lamb and returning Moses Morgan to their lineup. It’s an important series for both teams and we will be ready for the challenge.”