KUALA LUMPUR – This weekend’s back-to-back games between Westports Malaysia Dragons and Singapore Slingers will not just be for precious wins to qualify for the playoffs, but also for the annual Straits Cup.

Two teams of countries separated by a border, will be playing each other twice over the weekend. Dragons will host the first game in Kuala Lumpur on Friday and will head to Singapore to play their second game on Sunday, winner of the two games series will be awarded the 4th annual Straits Cup champion title.

The winner of the cup will be decided by the team who wins the two game series. However, if each team takes a win, the winner will then be decide by point difference over both games.

To celebrate the occation, Dragons will be running a donation drive for the game, backing up a charity entity called Payong (http://www.payong.org/payong-projects) which currently has Deborah Priya Henry (former Miss Malaysia) as one of its ambassadors driving it.

Payong helps bridge the gap between marginalized communities and refugees in Malaysia and those parties willing to help; empowering individuals to take control over their lives through borderless learning and capacity building.

As of such, all income from the day, ticketing, merchandise and booth sales would be donated to the cause.

On top of that, the ownership group of Dragons would personally be donating:

1. RM300 for every 3-pointer the Dragons team scores.

2. RM300 for every point Dragons win the game by.

Come support your home team and join us to raise awareness of the refugee crisis in Malaysia!