KUALA LUMPUR – The Westports Malaysia Dragons will be playing two crucial games of the season this weekend as we’re now 3 games away from taking the 8th spot from Mono Vampire Basketball to make it to the playoffs.

Friday (15th March) against causeway rivals Singapore Slingers then Sunday (17th March) against Mono Vampire that 9-14 record currently (versus our 7-15 after defeating Saigon Heat at home 80-76).

With Mono beating Macau last night both games are crucial to our playoff chances. We are only focusing on Slingers right now and will only turn our attention to Mono on Saturday,” said coach Jamie Pearlman.

He continued, “It is such a great rivalry with Singapore. They have been one of the most challenging teams for us to play against this season. We are look forward to the opportunity to get a win for the Dragons fans.

The Slingers are on a 2 game losing streak after their overtime lost to CLS Knights – but they aren’t a team to be meddled with as they hold the number 3 spot of the current standings.

The Dragons will be featuring a full squad of 12 these coming games as team physio Renesh Prabaharan and strength and conditioning coach Arulchelvan Illengo has been working closely with the team on injury prevention, strength and recovery to ensure the players are in their peak level of performance.

Confident over their well-being, Renesh stated “All our athletes are physically fit and injury free, ready for their next game.

To overcome the tight two consecutive games, the team would have to go through a post-game ice bath to reduce swelling and tissue breakdown.

On top of that, they would have to undergo a next-day recovery and regeneration session which consists of hydrotherapy and mobility exercises on top of a session of sports massage.

Last 4 games:

[HOME] FRI 15th March 8:30PM vs Singapore Slingers
[HOME] SUN 17th March 2:30PM vs Mono Vampire Basketball Club
[AWAY] WED 20th March 3:30PM vs Mono Vampire Basketball Club
[HOME] SUN 24th March 2:30PM vs Formosa Dreamers