KUALA LUMPUR – The Dragons will be playing the Knights from Indonesia for the fourth and final time this season (tonight) on Sunday 8PM in Surabaya.

So far we’ve won the last game we played against them on 14th Feb home game (89-84) and lost the first two by 3 points (70-73 away) and 15 (68-83 home).

CLS Knights are currently tucked in for the playoffs at 6th place of the standings with 11-11 record while we’re in the 9th spot with 6-13 after Mono Vampire bested Hong Kong Eastern last night (Saturday 2nd March) 86-79.

Mono has 5 more games to go while we have 6 more that includes tonight’s face off against the Knights, every game is crucial for us and we need to take home a win to ensure a spot in the playoffs this season.

Of those games left, two that are to come are against the Vampires, one on 17th March at our home court and another 20th March as our last road game of the regular season.

Things are really heating up at the end of the season as we fight Mono for the final playoff seat.

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