KUALA LUMPUR – This Sunday (10th March) will be the fourth time we face Saigon Heat in season 9 of the ABL. We’re nearly at the end of the regular season with five more games to go.

Winston Shepard returns to the roster – he was absent in Dragons’ previous road game against Macau Black Bears due to unsportsmanlike conduct in previous games.

His absence was a huge disadvantage for the team as he averages 21.06 points, 11.41 rebounds and 5.24 assists per game for our home team.

I feel like the referees haven’t been calling games out fair for me and it’s okay because it’s their jobs but it makes it harder for me to contribute to the team,” said Winston.

Our team is now at 9th place with 6-15 record but we’re still clenching on as we still have a chance to make it to the playoffs this season. 8 teams make it through and our adversary this time is the Mono Vampire Basketball Club.

They stole the 8th spot from us with a 8-14 tally, three games difference from us just recently but it’s not impossible for us to make a comeback.

These last games for us are absolutely crucial and we have to execute them perfectly to make it to the finals. We will play against Mono 2 more times, one at home, 17th March and another away on 20th March in Thailand.

The team is very confident we can make a run for the finals in these last 5 games. Saigon are a different team with the replacement of Burnatowski with Hamilton so our strategy will be different going into this game,” said head coach Jamie Pearlman.